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Spectacular landing of pink tones on the streets of paris

Spectacular landing of pink tones on the streets of paris

Pink outfits have been “triggered” from the red carpet at the last Oscars 2019 ceremony with many cult stars chosen by the stylist to wear this extremely sweet and eye-catching color scheme. And shortly after, on the streets of Paris during fashion week, fashionistas also quickly caught up with the trend and tried to “promote” this trendy color. All are “acquired” by the lens of photographer Anh Huy Pham in Paris.

Spectacular landing of pink tones on the streets of paris

One of the things that “stops” fashionistas from choosing pink for their outfits is that everyone thinks “I don’t suit pink”. Let’s admire the pink outfits that fashionistas from all over the world have “performed” on the street catwalk in Paris recently! Surely you will change your opinion about pink!

This is evidenced by the sales report of Veja – the Parisian brand known for its use of alternative materials for animal skins. Accordingly, Veja’s sales increased by 60% compared to the previous year, with a difference of up to 16 million euros. With these numbers, the fashion industry has every right to believe that customers can be persuaded by products from recycled plastic bottles, synthetic leather, natural rubber, … instead of using animal skin as before.

Previously, the director of the Net-a-Porter website (fashion retail business) Lisa Aiken said the reason for wanting to become Veja’s leather goods distribution partner: ” After all, brands still need to bring customers beautiful and quality items, at the same time it is a guarantee of sustainability for the environment. This makes it very difficult for us to choose a product supplier for our retail chain. But Veja converges all three of those factors ”. It is known that Net-a-Porter has also signed a contract with Nanushka – a brand that makes synthetic leather jackets from Budapest. This shows that the current shopping trend of consumers has accepted imitation leather products and this market has signs of expanding.

The trend of using alternative materials for animal skin is currently receiving a strong response from the world fashion community. However, to achieve this great goal, there needs to be cooperation between brands and consumers, as well as the message must be spread more strongly. According to Ms. Rachel Stott – innovation expert at The Future Laboratory – also mentioned that Generation Z (those born between 1990-2000) are the ones who are most willing to change. is under the current explosion of green consumption movement: “Today’s customers not only spend money to buy products, but they also have a need to know about their production origin. Their voice is expressed in the amount of money they pay for a brand that can deliver both product quality and ethical value.”.

Currently, there are a number of materials used as substitutes for typical animal skins such as synthetic leather, B-mesh, PVC imitation leather, etc. Besides, there are also many types of materials made from nature such as fabrics. imitation leather made of pandan leaves (fragrant), and genetically modified yeast formulas that can produce collagen fibers like animal skin, typical of which is MycoWorks – a material made from plant mushroom tissue .

Thereby, it can be seen that the designs that do not use animal skin materials still create attraction and their vegan beauty also contributes to spreading the message of humanity more widely. In the context that the world is gradually becoming aware of climate change and the influence of man on nature, the fashion world has also begun to consider the option of saying no to using animal skins, joining hands and contributing to the world. protect the global ecosystem in general and the wildlife world in particular.

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