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Riot Games suddenly revealed about the next new champion of League of Legends another evil entity from the Void?

Riot Games suddenly revealed about the next new champion of League of Legends another evil entity from the Void?

One of the interesting points about the world of League of Legends is that every story and detail created by Riot Games is linked together. Specifically, there are many times when new champions of League of Legends have been teased, introduced, or mentioned before in the short stories posted by Riot. For example, in Samira’s story “Like to Show”, the general Rell was mentioned and she later became an official character in League of Legends.

Riot Games suddenly revealed about the next new champion of League of Legends another evil entity from the Void?

And in the latest short story titled “The Prophet’s Banquet”, some evil entity or monster from the Void was introduced. Chances are, this is one of the new champions coming to League of Legends in the upcoming 2022 season.

To summarize a bit, the short story “The Prophet’s Banquet” is told from the perspective of Meir, a new follower who joined the sect led by Malzahar . At Malzahar’s “confession” ceremony, the character said that from the Void will enlighten new believers like Meir. This entity called “she”, is living under an ocean of lavender and wants to taste the memory, the body, everything of the living thing. This short story ends with Meir and a series of followers dissolving into the Void to allow the other entity to be summoned.

What makes us assert is that the “she” in the above story is a new creature from the Void rather than a pre-existing character. The reason is because this character is described as wanting to taste the memory of a living creature, living in an ocean full of lavender, which is different from other Void generals. The only Void character ever called “her” – Rek’Sai is described as a predator with nothing to do with memories or lavender.

Not stopping there, the story mentioned above also mentions a very remarkable detail that Noxus is about to be attacked by Void. Specifically during Malzahar’s ritual, Meir was shown horrific visions such as Noxus being devoured by a mass of unstoppable creatures, the Immortal Fortress falling, and Malzahar standing there under a giant shadow. hers”.

It is possible that this will continue to be a “teaser” for the next big event of League of Legends in the new season like the Black King Destroyer – Viego attacked Runeterra in season 11. Even a squad like the Guardians of Light could be assembled to fight the evil entity from the Void mentioned above.

Of course, the above information only stops at the level of “conspiracy theory” and we will need more updates from Riot to know more about this new champion. As for the Noxus event being attacked (if any), it is hoped that it will be organized by Riot in a more reasonable way instead of creating too many “plot holes” like the Guardians of Light event in season 11.

Genshin Impact reached the top 10 most searched games on the dark web, gamers joked: “Where’s the gift miHoYo?”

A few days ago, the world’s leading adult website – P****** announced a series of surprising statistics and became a hot topic on many forums. If only counting the games listed here in the past 2021, there are 3 new names in the top 10 that are Brawl Stars, FNAF, and especially Genshin Impact .

Immediately after this information was widely shared, many gamers joked that miHoYo should give gifts to players when this is also a respectable “achievement”. Remember that the above adult website is extremely popular and the fact that Genshin Impact appears a lot here also contributes to the huge revenue that miHoYo earns.

With a large cast of characters with distinct personalities, each character in Genshin Impact has a huge fan base. Moreover, the recent character designs of Genshin Impact are mostly aimed at beautiful “waifus”, attractive bodies. Therefore, it is understandable that adult content is created and appeared on the dark web.

Regarding the above “request for gifts” from miHoYo, perhaps it is more like a joke than a serious opinion from the gaming community. If you remember, on the 1 year anniversary not long ago, the Genshin Impact community was extremely angry when miHoYo held an event that was too “alum”, the gifts were of low value. Therefore, they took drastic actions to claim the creator of Genshin Impact with gifts worthy of a big event like a year of the game’s launch.

Since then, every time Genshin Impact has achieved a certain achievement, including reaching the top of search on the dark web, gamers have repeated asking for gifts as a joke. In addition, the above statistics also show that the influence of Genshin Impact has been growing extremely strongly. Maybe in the future, this game will beat even cult names like Fortnite, Overwatch at the hot level on adult websites.

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