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Performing at coachella 2023, blackpink does not wear dior, chanel, ysl, celine

Performing at coachella 2023, blackpink does not wear dior, chanel, ysl, celine

BLACKPINK’s fashion at Coachella 2023 must be called “bespoke” when it is tailored to the aesthetic taste and personality of the 4 members.

Performing at coachella 2023, blackpink does not wear dior, chanel, ysl, celine

On April 15, BLACKPINK became the first K-pop girl group to take the position of opening (headliner) for Coachella. Coming to the biggest music festival stage on the planet, the YG girls have invested heavily in renewing their song mixes, bringing an epic live listening experience to fans.

Along with the light and sound effects, BLACKPINK never forgets the fashion factor, as all four members are influential fashionistas. However, in Coachella 2023, instead of wearing designs from famous fashion houses that they are ambassadors for, BLACKPINK broke the rule to choose completely different brands. The costumes performed at Coachella 2023 were extremely seductive, true to the fashion of the music festival, and marked the maturity of BLACKPINK’s dressing sense.

It is worth mentioning that the person behind BLACKPINK’s fashion mixes at Coachella 2023 is a Vietnamese-origin stylist – Joey Thao. He chose a variety of wardrobes for the four girls, equally sharing precious moments on the concert stage with famous fashion houses and emerging brands, from Europe to Asia. Among them are the costumes of Vietnamese-born designer Michael Ngo.

BLACKPINK kicks off Coachella 2023 with Pink Venom. The girls chose black and pink outfits with the same name as the group. Jisoo, Jennie, and Rosé wear bespoke outfits from Dolce & Gabbana brand. And Lisa chose a super sexy outfit from Vietnamese-born designer Michael Ngo.

Compared to the Coachella 2019 performance, sparkling details are restrained. Instead, the pink fringes take the spotlight. They swayed with the dancing movements of the girls, just like in the desert wind.

Dolce & Gabbana intentionally creates designs that suit each person’s personality. Jisoo’s sweetness is emphasized with an upside-down heart-like bodice. Jennie playfully wears a see-through pink corset with a bolero studded with stones. Rosé is seductive with lace material, with a big belt that shows off her slim waist.

Instead of choosing to design Dolce & Gabbana to synchronize with the members in the opening song, Lisa fell in love with the Michael Ngo brand. Super sexy super short pants with two side straps made by the stylist for the youngest BLACKPINK. Two pink bands are attached to create similarities with the Dolce & Gabbana outfits of the other members.

This is not the first time that Michael Ngo has worked with big stars. Before Lisa, Michael Ngo designed costumes for Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez, Lizzo, and Ariana Grande.

After the group songs, the four girls performed separate solo works. At each solo stage, the BLACKPINK members change clothes – a serious fashion investment for the headline task at Coachella 2023.

In the performance of her solo song On The Ground, Rosé changed her “black” outfit to a sparkling mini dress from the brand Paco Rabanne. Paco Rabanne’s metallic products are no longer strange to BLACKPINK, especially Rosé when many times following the girls on stages to perform.

As for Jisoo, when performing Flower, she wears a design from David Koma fashion house that also has a mesh texture similar to Rosé’s Paco Rabanne dress. The intricately attached red flowers reflect the poetic lyrics and increase the beauty of Jisoo. Blackpink’s eldest sister’s choice for Coachella is also very trendy “3D flowers” leading the Spring Summer 2023 fashion trend.

In addition to wearing fashion designs “labeled” by luxury fashion houses, BLACKPINK made an impression on the Coachella 2023 stage with dress models that have been edited by a team of stylists. They cut and sew products that look unique overall, matching each member’s body shape the most.

In this comeback, the tailoring talent of BLACKPINK’s stylist really shines in the two solo sets of Lisa and Jennie. While Lisa showed off her frivolity with the song ” Money” by combining a Mugler bodysuit and a futuristic Yueqi Qi dress; Then Jennie once again shone with a ballet score chiffon dress and a pearl-embroidered camisole of the Dénicheur family – a Korean domestic brand.

Not inferior to the bold cut-out lines of Mugler, two emerging brands Grace Wrightsell and Rui were praised by fans.

Grace Wrightsell contributed three sets of extremely sexy and rebellious clothes, making Rosé fancy when combined with expensive jewelry from Tiffany & Co. For Lisa, Grace Wrightsell’s outfit has a cut-out line to help her show off her hot waist on stage. And finally, Jisoo becomes alluring with a see-through shirt. Different from the three members, the outfit from Rui helps Jennie continue the cute and cute “chorus”. Besides, the cut-out line is also soft and lovely, suitable for Jennie’s body.

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