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Shirts are familiar items in office mixes, often framed with serious and standard images. However, that was when the believers’ association did not know the “dazzling” shirts with the color palette stretching from fuchsia pink, orange, blue, yellow, red, purple, etc. In the vibrant Spring-Summer atmosphere, the The following mix will inspire endless inspiration, help you stand out and be trendy with just one shirt design found on the Instagram page of every popular fashionista.


If you already have a floating color shirt, don’t miss the opportunity to make waves with colorful color blocking combinations , arousing summer enthusiasm. With the “apprentice”, similar color pairs such as green – blue, red – pink … will help you to slowly start up fresh energy, add a little excitement to your already outstanding shirt.

More upgraded, you can try with many trio, quartet of contrasting colors. The best way to “blend colors” for this mix is ​​to use layers to create boundaries. At the same time, you can also change the color to accessories like hats or bags to bring the focus of the outfit back to your bright shirt.

Without much effort, the shirt set will help you get to the finish line right away for a look from home to town, from the office to an online meeting. This mix is ​​preferred by the followers because of its flexibility in materials, ease of coordination, and ease of wearing without too many color combinations.

You can choose your favorite shirt to go with a skirt or shorts, wide leg pants as you like. If you want to stand out, a set of pink, orange or blue whole plants will maximize your attractive appearance, showing your trend-catching class. Don’t forget accessories of different colors if you want to add a splash of color to a mix & match that takes the spotlight wherever you go.

The Believer’s Association is certainly no stranger to the style of outerwear shirt in many mixes. This time, every experiment will become more interesting when a pop-colored shirt goes with a neutral set. This mix match can be a t-shirt or croptop with a skirt or wide leg pants.

More active, a sports bra top, jogger pants or biker shorts are all valid for you to conquer the most stylish Athleisure style. The congregation can start with black and white “backgrounds” and finish off the mix with a bold shirt to attract attention. Khaki material will be suitable for individual girls, while silk or satin will be the “weapon” for more feminine and seductive formulas.

Mini skirts, shorts or mini dresses… what’s underneath an oversize shirt? There is no need to worry because the focus of attention belongs to the outstanding shirts and attractive legs of the wearer. If you’re still not satisfied, you can also use a pair of heels of the same color to add a synchronized accent. Otherwise, contrasting accessories such as bags and shoes of different colors are the bold moves of the stylish “sheep”.

A striking shirt combo for the summer that’s really exciting will not be complete without silk scarves and sunglasses – two hot accessories on Instagram of fashionistas. Colored-rimmed glasses with large frames are always trendy in every outfit. However, you can carefully choose matching glasses with the same color shirt to balance the mix. Silk scarves are also another solution to create a sense of flight, giving you the freedom to roam the summer.

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