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Latest photos of gucci cruise 2019 collection

Latest photos of gucci cruise 2019 collection

The photos are inspired by the Queen group and the Gothic style of the Gucci Cruise 2019 collection. Let’s go back to the 1970s, the era of famous rock players. Their different, rebellious auras and songs are timeless

Latest photos of gucci cruise 2019 collection

In May 2018, Louis Vuitton’s Cruise 2019 collection took place at the Maeght Foundation contemporary museum, in the village of Saint-Paul-de-Venice, France. Once again, the famous brand continues to resonate with global fashion fans

Cruise 2019 is not just a fashion collection. It is also the story Nicolas Ghesquière, creative director of Louis Vuitton , tells about Aimé Maeght. During his lifetime, Aimé was a French art dealer, collector, and man who “turned unfathomable dreams into tangible art”.

What makes the first impression is the very different design inspiration of Louis Vuitton’s Cruise 2019 collection . Inspiration doesn’t come from a well-defined style or a fashion icon of the decades. It is rooted in the pagan Aimé Maeght’s undying spirit and love of art. This time, the fashion house also introduced to the world a new pattern with a new motif, Catogram. This is a pattern from the capsule handbag collection in collaboration with renowned fashion editor, Grace Coddington.

Vuitton’s show venue plays an especially important role: the Maeght Foundation Museum of Contemporary Art atop the Colline des Gardettes. The museum was built in 1964 by husband and wife Aimé Maeght and Marguerite. The architectural line of the Maeght Foundation belongs to the surrealist art movement – Bauhaus in the early years of the twentieth century. The building has modern and minimalist lines, simple shapes without decoration.

The performance campus of the Cruise 2019 collection was restored in the architectural style of Greek heritage – Labyrinth (circular maze). Labyrinth was created by the artist of Catalonia Spain, Joan Miró, created. The model’s every step brings out a separate emotion, full of inspiration, is the intersection between fashion and art, past and future. In addition, the massive blocks of stone and ceramic objects are poetic existential works of art. All the scene details when harmonized to create a symphony of architecture, music and light.

Back to Louis Vuitton’s Cruise 2019 collection. Each design is boldly futuristic and highly functional. The collection reflects the design personality of creative director Nicolas Ghesquière for the famous fashion house. He focuses on developing shapes and treating materials to create clothes with a contemporary breath. Nicolas uses the technique of twisting and folding the fabric; TR Cutting (a cutting technique that transforms and restructures the pattern) throughout the Cruise 2019 collection . They are expressed through outstanding details such as layered ruffles, pleated pleats and shoulder padding.

Besides materials such as silk satin; silk organza; brocade; cotton; viscose and chiffon, he also used feathers and embroidery details to add drama to the design. In addition, Nicolas does not hesitate to break the limits of the size chart, to create innovative oversized clothing styles for women. In the collection, we see padded shoulder tuxedo vests. A plunging neckline vest or a Bishop sleeveless A-line dress. The model did not wear high heels for the show, but instead wore flat sneaker boots.

When sportswear merges with high fashion, it’s an extreme of radical fashion. “It is time for women to feel more comfortable in the way they dress. Why be so conventional in style?! Freedom and ease of movement, that is what I am aiming for for my women,” shared Louis Vuitton Creative Director.

It can be seen that Nicolas borrowed the language of fashion to speak on behalf of his ladies. Women gaining the right to set new standards of beauty is the trend of the times.

Louis Vuitton x Grace Coddington: a jolt in brand history
Grace Coddington is a name no stranger to international fashionistas. Her creations are always different and original. Grace is not only a fashion editor but also a talented illustrator and fashion curator. In addition to her great faith in fashion, Grace also has her most special affections for animals. It is these outstanding features that make her a great inspiration for Nicolas Ghesquière, Creative Director of Louis Vuitton .

In the Cruise 2019 collection, Grace’s combination with the Louis Vuitton brand is considered a turning point in the brand’s history. Grace’s explosive thinking and creativity, combined with Louis Vuitton’s commercial thinking, is sure to create a big hit, bringing a whole new breath. The handbag designs that Grace collaborated with Louis Vuitton this time were inspired by her two Persian cats, Pumpkin and Blanket, and Nicolas Ghesquière’s pet dog, Léon. Grace Coddington was directly involved in drafting these designs.

The special collection uses classic Louis Vuitton high-quality leather materials . The main point is the earthy orange skin tone, inspired by Grace Coddington’s reddish-brown hair. The bag is refreshed with the shape of a dog and a cat. Interesting and different, the bag can be used for different outfits. The irresistible cuteness makes the bag quickly win the hearts of fashionistas.

The French fashion house also officially introduced animal motifs called Catogram. Embossed motifs on classic Louis Vuitton monogram leather. “My connection with Nicolas in fashion and in life is quite similar,” said Grace Coddington. “The time working with Nicolas and Louis Vuitton was so much fun and so much fun. Our working process has never been stressful. In contrast, Nicolas and I discussed and brainstormed ideas together. Then, we sketch and create the most suitable designs, not too fancy, but must express the deep love of animals of both,” she added.

Deep inspiration
In addition to the main inspiration, the collection also represents an abstract concept of Nicolas Ghesquière. Clothing and layers of fabric are powerful means of art in free form, expressing a designer’s creative ideas. Each design from Louis Vuitton’s Cruise 2019 collection possesses contrasting colors. They are inspired by the silhouettes of vintage clothing. After that, Nicolas modernized the clothes to match the current trend of contemporary fashion and the signature of the house.

Along with the capsule bag collection combined with Grace Coddington, Louis Vuitton also introduces a line of super bags made from crocodile and ostrich skin. These bags are produced in limited quantities. Louis Vuitton’s Cruise 2019 collection is officially available for sale in stores worldwide from November 2018.

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