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Gucci cosmogonie collection decoding the constellations in the creative language of alessandro michele

In the quaint space of the Castel del Monte, in southeastern Italy, Alessandro Michelle brings bold ideas from the philosophy of primacy into fashion designs inspired by the constellations to create the collection. New Gucci Cosmogonie.

Gucci cosmogonie collection decoding the constellations in the creative language of alessandro michele

Touching the stars seems like a far-fetched thing, far from reality, but under his aesthetic perspective, Alessandro Michele succeeded in “catching” that light from heaven to creating sparkling fashion artifacts in the Cruise 2023 Collection called Gucci Cosmogonie.

The collection is inspired by constellations, both literally and figuratively. For the incumbent Creative Director of the Italian fashion house, the constellations represent bright and brilliant concepts, coming together to create an enchanting whole. They are pieces that connect the entire universe, scattered across the night sky.

In that spirit, Alessandro Michele decorated the runway by showing pictures of constellations and ancient maps, guests also had stars in their names, the catwalk was decorated like the surface of the sun. moon,

According to the male designer, the show is like a carol that brings intense energy and vitality to the place that is considered a witness to the history of mankind: the Castel del Monte – a massive architectural work built by Built in the 13th century by Emperor Frederick II of the Roman Empire.

The design of the castle is also a perfect highlight for the theme of constellations and alignment of the Gucci Cosmogonie collection. The octagonal building is full of parts reminiscent of the number 8. Similar to Alessandro Michele’s designs, repetition is a way to create attraction for seemingly trivial details, monotonic.

Or to put it simply, the closer people look at something, the more they understand the meaning behind it than they initially guessed.

Talking about the outfits in this collection, Gucci’s Creative Director continues to promote classic silhouettes with 80s fashion-specific color-block details and century-old pleated collars. 16 on many outfits. Not stopping there, Alessandro also uses many repetitive motifs, such as a large swirl made of vertical stripes that look like the spirals of the galaxy, glittering knits like stars, or stars. Sheer dress accentuates the female figure.

One of the main highlights of Gucci’s shows must be expensive accessories. The gladiator boots are transformed to become stronger with thick leather belts and different colored soles. And the high lace-up boots above the knee create an extremely liberal and seductive charm for the ladies of Gucci.

Meanwhile, handbags complete many different fashion styles of the girls. The fashion house’s iconic classic leopard, python and monogram bags appear shimmering on the catwalk. In addition, soft-brimmed hats, multicolored gloves, bucket hats, beret hats and various eyewear styles highlight the chic fashion style of the collection.

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