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Fashion master elie saab brings the art of haute couture into vietnamese living space

Fashion master elie saab brings the art of haute couture into vietnamese living space

Haute Couture haute couture is the crystallization of art, creativity and exquisite craftsmanship. Possessing a desirable position in the fashion world because of its class and uniqueness, Haute Couture is reserved only for a few sophisticated and artistic customers, because each Haute Couture work is likened to a a masterpiece, expressing the timeless aesthetic and beauty, enchanting luxury.

Fashion master elie saab brings the art of haute couture into vietnamese living space

Christian Lacroix once proudly declared that “Haute Couture is France” – for the first 60 years, the brand recognized only French designers. However, that sacred territory broke the rules for the first time when it opened its doors to welcome ELIE SAAB – a promising young Lebanese designer. With fashion masterpieces for the nobility of the Middle East, Europe as well as the stars of Hollywood, ELIE SAAB is the first non-European member to join the Haute Haute Couture Association. Couture.

The story of ELIE SAAB from an unknown designer in distant Lebanon to an expensive stylist in Hollywood is as captivating as his exquisite dresses . Born in Lebanon, ELIE SAAB taught himself to sew at the age of 9 and at the age of 18 he owned a famous couture workshop in the capital city of Beirut – known as the “Paris of Lebanon” with 15 professional artisans – one This is an important milestone in my journey to bring my passion and enthusiasm beyond the borders of the Middle Eastern country.

With master technique, passion and a desire to break all creative boundaries to celebrate the beauty of women, in 2006 ELIE SAAB became the first non-European member to join the Association. Haute Couture haute couture which is only for French designers.

The design language in the world of luxury and splendor of ELIE SAAB is always imprinted with sophistication, elegance and sophistication, and the uniqueness is portrayed by the talented hands of the artisans. Therefore, the ELIE SAAB brand has brought the art of tailoring to a new level, becoming a precious jewel that has been preserved through all generations.

In 2002, the moment Halle Berry – one of the sexiest Bondgirls of all time – wore a Haute Couture dress at the Oscars, the name ELIE SAAB immediately covered the media, proudly becoming a fashion witch. for Hollywood stars. With top-notch craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail, each ELIE SAAB dress is a masterpiece created between 2,000 and 4,000 hours, by 50 artisans working at the same time. As is natural, ELIE SAAB became the first choice of not only world stars but also members of the royal family.

Not only stopping at fashion, ELIE SAAB started to encroach into accessories, bags, fragrances and most recently, interior – architecture and real estate. In a 2011 interview with the press, he described himself as an ambitious person: “The challenge is in who we are, not in an industry. I am very strict with myself. I want to do more and better.”

Perhaps that is why, in recent years, ELIE SAAB and his team have continuously collaborated with leading names in architecture, bringing the Haute Couture spirit of the ELIE SAAB brand to not only the field of architecture furniture but also encroaching into Luxury Real Estate with iconic projects in Dubai, Egypt, London… And most recently, Haute Couture master ELIE SAAB teamed up with Masterise Homes – A leader in the segment Branded Real Estate in Vietnam, in a project of the Haute Couture fashion-inspired mansion that is about to be launched in Vietnam.

When the first information was revealed about ELIE SAAB’s cooperation with a famous real estate development brand in Vietnam, speculations about a “unique luxury lifestyle” about to appear were reinforced. added by the reputation and vision of this brand.

ELIE SAAB always aims to create a luxurious, lavish and unique lifestyle not only in the field of fashion, but also wants to incorporate these values ​​into all other aspects of life. Haute Couture is the core and soul of the Brand: Magnificent – Sophisticated – Unique, expressing aesthetic and ingenious charm in addition to the details meticulously and meticulously cared for by the couple. master “tailored” hand.

Looking from the series of projects by ELIE SAAB in the “paradise” cities of high-end real estate around the world, we have a strong belief that a living space is breathed with the language of Haute Couture fashion. Coming soon in Vietnam, it will not be just a house, but a unique work of art “tailored” for each customer, opening a new era in the art of mansion living. Owners of ELIE SAAB’s signature living spaces in Vietnam must be very proud because they own not only a valuable property, but a lifestyle with enduring artistic values.

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