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Chanel brings fans to the capital of florence (italy) to admire the superior craftsmanship of métiers d’art 2022

Chanel brings fans to the capital of florence (italy) to admire the superior craftsmanship of métiers d'art 2022

CHANEL will stop in the capital of Florence (Italy) to launch the Métiers d’Art 2022 collection. The show honoring the craft of the French fashion house will take place on June 7.

Chanel brings fans to the capital of florence (italy) to admire the superior craftsmanship of métiers d’art 2022

The launch show of the CHANEL Métiers d’Art 2022 collection was first held at the craft center le19M, where hundreds of talented craftsmen from 8 different sewing factories gathered together under the roof of CHANEL, back in the day. December 2021.

The minimalist structure of the building is also cleverly integrated into the outfits by designer Virginie Viard with elaborate cuts and delicately treated fabric surface motifs. At the same time, the front of the building stands out with intertwined “thin concrete fibers”, symbolizing the pride of CHANEL’s famous French Haute Couture line, made by architect Rudy Ricciotti. From the lines to the interior of the le19M, Virginie Viard skillfully applies each needle line in the Métiers d’Art 2022 BST.

Coming to Italy – a paradise of handicrafts with a centuries-long history and inherited by young generations to this day, CHANEL continues to affirm the fashion house’s close relationship with its followers. Italian brand for this return of the Métiers d’Art show. This relationship has been established since the early days when founder Gabrielle Chanel built the CHANEL empire with many artisan workshops located in Italy such as shoe factories, tanneries and workshops just to serve the activities. creative motion.

Sending deep gratitude to traditional crafts through the CHANEL Métiers d’Art 2022 Collection, the show is an affirmation of CHANEL in continuing to inherit and constantly develop that quintessence in the future. future.


So there are only a few days left for the Oscars 2022 to officially take place in front of the eager anticipation of a large number of fans. At this year’s awards event, who will be the owner of the “Best Costume Design” category is one of the topics that attracts the attention of many moviegoers as well as fashionistas. .

The movie “Cruella” about one of Disney’s greatest villains, Cruella de Vil in “101 Dalmations” (101 Fireflies) made a strong impression on the audience when it was released. Before being known as a villain who stole dogs for coats, Cruella de Vil was a professional con artist in the London setting of the 70s.

In the film, actress Emma Stone played Cruella. de Vil monstrous. As a teenager, she used the name Estella to work as an employee of the famous fashion designer Baroness Von Hellman, played by Emma Thompson. To make the most perfect visual effect of the film, it is necessary to mention the feat in the selection and design of costumes by designer Jenny Beavan.

It is known that the female designer was honored to receive 10 award nominations from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and brought home two prestigious awards for her design career for the film “Room with a View”. and “Mad Max: Fury Road”.

Talking about the experience of designing costumes set in London in the 70s in “Cruella”, designer Jenny Beavan excitedly revealed that: ” The story is so excellent, the characters are also great. It’s definitely going to be an interesting challenge and something a little bit different for me.”

The classic love story “Cyrano de Bergerac” could not be more romantic under the direction of director Joe Wright and costume designers Massimo Cantini Parrini and Jacqueline Durran. His musical film, adapted from a stage play from 1897, stars Peter Dinklage in the lead role.

All costumes used in the film are exclusively designed. In particular, designer Massimo Cantini Parrini designed more than 750 costumes from the first steps to the completion to reflect French society in the early 1700s. To create bold capitalist color schemes. In the past, male designers drew inspiration from the watercolors of the 18th century as well as in contemporary fashion.

“ In my outfits, I always emphasize with modern touches to make each item unique, ” ​​said designer Parrini. “ Instead of constantly recreating designs we’ve seen so many times in movies, this makes me and the audience feel excited .” In the film, Parrini is responsible for preparing the costumes for most of the characters, except for Roxanne – the female lead played by Haley Bennet – who is in charge of the costumes by designer Jacqueline Durran.

The sci-fi blockbuster “Dune” directed by Denis Villeneuve overwhelmed with more than 2,000 costumes used in the film. Designer Jacqueline West, a three-time Oscar nominee, collaborated with designer Robert Morgan to create futuristic costume designs for each distinct world of “Dune.” Most notable is the intricate stillsuit worn by the main characters to survive in the harsh desert conditions.

” Basically, the stillsuit is a survival equipment for the harsh environment of the planet Arrakis, but we also have to shoot in the same extreme temperature conditions, ” said designer Robert Morgan. “ Therefore, they have to be very airy, allowing the actors to move and act easily .” In an interview, designer Jacqueline West revealed that she used a monochrome palette to create a difference between the sub-worlds, making the overall look natural and convincing.

The movie “Nightmare Alley” under the direction of director Guillermo del Toro attracts audiences with colorful characters set in a mysterious but realistic neo-noir framework. To complete his passionate project, the Mexican director collaborated with designer Luis Sequeira to create costume designs suitable for the film’s 40s context.

According to the designer, the challenge of this project lies in two different situations: the world of popular festivals and the lavish world of Chicago. “ The world of carnival has gone back to the post-Recession era. This is a place where people don’t have a lot of money, so there are no trendy clothes, just second-hand clothes ,” shared designer Sequeira. “ And in the city, even though two years have passed, fashion still lingers at the 1941 line. Besides that, we also have very rich and very stylish personalities .”

Paul Tazawell, the winner of the 2016 Tony Awards in the category of “Best Costume Design” for the movie “Hamilton”, is the first black designer to receive an Oscar nomination in the same category this year. Tazawell worked closely with director Steven Spielberg to bring the film “West Side Story” back to New York in 1957.

In the film, Rachel Zegler plays María and Ariana DeBose plays Anita. The designer has also revealed the details of the costume making process in the movie on his personal account. For the male characters in the film, he uses a lot of costumes made of denim fabric – a material with bold American breath in the 1950s and 1960s.

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