Can’t miss the expensive handbag designs in this marc jacobs resort 2022 collection

Can't miss the expensive handbag designs in this marc jacobs resort 2022 collection

The Marc Jacobs Resort 2021 collection is rooted in the material world and stands out with the brand’s relentless creativity. The handbags in the collection exude impressive vibrancy through vibrant colors and interesting materials like faux fur. Fun textures are also reproduced on all different shapes.

Can’t miss the expensive handbag designs in this marc jacobs resort 2022 collection

The spring vibe gets even more exciting with impressive new versions of the iconic handbag, including the Snapshot Watercolor, Creature Snapshot, Plush Snapshot and Crinkle Leather Tote Bag.

Snapshots are an integral part of the brand’s DNA – a bag that is always innovative and highly collectible. For this season, the Snapshot Watercolor bag is inspired by the canvas work of New York artist Loren Erdrich. She is known for her mysterious romantic portraits of people, animals and nature, allowing the imagination to flow.

Her drawings on canvas are subtly reproduced on the Snapshot Watercolor bag. The combination of shades of blue and skin color makes the overall design more fashionable and eye-catching.

Besides, the newly released Creature Snapshot bag has a very playful look, the entire body of the bag is covered with long hair except for the top. Available in bright pink and passionate orange, this is the perfect spring bag to refresh any outfit.

In contrast, the classic and elegant Plush Snapshot bag in faux fur design with the signature two J logo is modified with studs. The chain strap makes the overall design more luxurious and attractive. The bag is launched with many colors, from fluffy pink, young chicken feathers to mysterious black.

The Traveler Tote has always been one of the brand’s most beloved products. With a minimalist design and easy application, the bag can be used flexibly in many cases, from everyday wear to school, travel… The combination of cut leather and glossy wrinkled leather with colored borders Ivory white around the bag brings an exhilarating spirit to this season’s Crinkle Leather Tote Bag. This is a unique design, easy to combine, and is sure to be a unique highlight for any outfit.


From the prestigious fashion catwalk to the ootd photos on social networks, the extremely comfortable oversized clothes have become the ideal fashion trend for every lady in the days returning to “normal” life. new”.

One of the dress habits that have been formed during a long period of social distancing can include the wide selection of oversized clothing by the fashionistas. Not only bringing a feeling of comfort and ventilation for home activities, but oversize clothes can now replace restrictive office clothes with many luxurious and elegant variations.

Speaking of oversized clothes, this is not a strange outfit for fashionistas. But perhaps during more than a year of dealing with the epidemic situation, this trend of choosing clothes that emphasize comfort, flexibility but still trendy has quickly risen to hold the upper hand in today’s fashion. . In particular, the world’s famous fashion houses have also constantly promoted oversize clothes during the launch seasons of their collections.

In a few good examples such as at Valentino, designer Pierpaolo Piccioli brought a new breath of classic tailoring design with modern lines, combined with high-class Haute Couture sewing techniques and streetwear imprints. A contemporary breath, to give birth to an oversized oversized garment design.

Meanwhile, Fendi’s luxurious fashion spirit with the graceful appearance of the Italian aristocracy continues to be inherited by designer Kim Jones, through a series of designs imbued with the times and timeless heritage values. fashion house space. Here, the British designer continues to exploit Fendi’s signature materials, which are leather and fur, along with new high-quality materials to create glamorous and powerful oversized designs.

The minimalism-oriented fashion house The Row takes advantage of the oversize design to bring a different perspective on the concept of women’s elegance. It is a blend of past and present on oversized items such as oversized suits, wide pants, shirts and oversize trenchcoats. At the same time, the designer duo Ashley Olsen and Mary-Kate Olsen also used neutral and minimalist color schemes to express the rich inner world of women.

Meanwhile, at Bottega Veneta, the fashion house’s designs under former Creative Director Daniel Lee are not leading trends but rather creating disruptive trends. To do that, the male designer born in 1986 has created a characteristic bright color palette, including kelly blue, and a unique knitting design on oversize clothes and accessories that makes anyone want to. thirst for possession.

On the other hand, there are fashion houses that do not emphasize Haute Couture techniques in their Ready-to-wear designs, nor follow the trendy “Less is more” school, but wholeheartedly favor the neo-tailoring trend. modern measurement). This can be seen as the most remarkable turning point of the fashion industry in the early 2020s. When the streetwear trend was forced to recede to give way to a new fashion trend.

That’s when the modern neo-tailoring shape, a fusion of classic tailoring with bohemian streetwear, was born, promising a strong boom in this time and many years to come. Some of the leading luxury fashion houses to bring modern tailoring into the form of oversized clothes that are very popular today to women can be mentioned as Louis Vuitton, Givenchy, Balenciaga, Celine, Raf Simons, Prada…

In general, post-pandemic fashion has undergone many changes, the most prominent of which is perhaps the dominance of oversize clothing with different colors and different spirits, suitable for many different fashion personalities. And certainly, the plus size trend will continue to dominate the women’s fashion field for many seasons to come along with new creations from famous fashion brands as well as in the mix-& aesthetic. -match of the ladies.

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