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Beyoncé’s “Renaissance” tour: when disco floors and futurism converge in high-end designs

Beyoncé's “Renaissance” tour: when disco floors and futurism converge in high-end designs

“Queen Bee” Beyoncé is back with the highly anticipated “Renaissance” tour. In addition to the top songs performed with powerful vocals, the audience also had the opportunity to admire the extremely unique costume designs.

Beyoncé’s “Renaissance” tour: when disco floors and futurism converge in high-end designs

After a seven-year absence, the big night finally comes as Beyoncé returns to the stage and kicks off her world tour “Renaissance” on May 10, in Stockholm, Sweden.

With music that makes you unable to stop dancing, vibrant choreography, and dozens of eye-catching designer outfits from high-end fashion brands such as Balenciaga, Alexander McQueen, Loewe,… Beyoncé guarantees that “Renaissance” will be a memorable tour.

Celebrating disco music on her seventh studio album, the vocalist “Halo” has brought fans to the dance floor of the future through the most daring fashion choices. Light and color were prominent details throughout the first show. The singer’s outfits are all styled by Shiona Turini, and they feature holographic or reflective texture treatments, bringing the album’s visuals and stadium settings to a perfect unification.

The “Queen Bee” opened the show in a tight suit, redesigned by Alexander McQueen from a model in the Fall-Winter 2023 Collection. The bodysuit featured crystal embroidery and silver beetle beads on a black mesh background. The elegance was further accentuated when the singer wore Tiffany & Co. jewelry. Sarah Burton, the British label’s creative director, said the outfit was the result of a close collaboration between her, Beyoncé and stylist Shiona Turini: “I saw her inspiration for the ‘Renaissance’ tour and immediately felt this would be the right look. Working closely with her stylist, Shiona Turini, I edited what we call a “muscle simulation dress” – inspired by Leonardo da Vinci’s anatomical drawings – into one jumpsuit for her.”

Beyoncé wears a white bell-sleeve dress that turns into a multicolored dress after reacting to UV light. This outfit was designed by the Japanese brand Anrealage and was first shown at Paris Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2023. The performance in this unique outfit was one of those moments that went viral. of the show and it quickly became a hot topic for fans to discuss on Twitter.

One of the most impressive outfits of the opening night was Loewe’s extremely “fiery” gem-studded catsuit. Designed by Jonathan Anderson himself, the outfit mimics the style featured in the brand’s Fall/Winter 2022 collection, featuring trompe l’oeil motifs in the shape of red nailed arms that hug a woman’s body. The “Single Ladies” vocalist completed the entire outfit with black gloves with red nails.

It is not surprising that Balmain also participated in the design of Beyoncé’s costumes because she and Olivier Rousteing are said to have a close relationship. The luxury brand has delivered a hand-sewn, pearl mesh-covered black bodysuit with a stunning scalloped bust. This outfit is redesigned from a model in the Balmain Fall/Winter 2023 Collection.

While singing “Alien Superstar,” “Queen Bee” decided to add a bit of a cosmic touch to her haute couture wardrobe during her tour. The singer wowed the stage in a sparkling silver bodysuit from Courrèges, with slanted sleeves and a metallic circle cut in the center. This outfit is completed with white thigh boots by Italian fashion house Gedebe.

Taking fans and the online community into a fashion frenzy, Beyoncé also played around with her title of “Queen Bee” wearing a Mugler gold-and-black striped bodysuit and a metal cap with a protruding beard. Inspired by the brand’s Spring Summer 1997 collection.

Another futuristic design is the outfit by Georgian fashion designer David Koma. The outfit consists of a short, holographic, abstract print dress with green, yellow, blue, and purple waves, over which is a silver jacket from David Koma’s Spring/Summer 2023 collection. Huge diamond earrings and striking metallic boots made this outfit one of the best looks of the night.

Not one, but two designs from Loewe were worn by Beyoncé for her latest tour. Anderson designed another silver bodysuit covered with Swarovski crystals, inspired by the song “escapist joy” from the album “Renaissance” by the talented female singer.

The R&B vocalist ended the night in a Coperni-designed outfit. Her look stands out with a shiny silver cape and extremely “matching” gloves, giving a deep impression of the spirit of the disco dance floors that have “shadowed” the entire album and tour. “Renaissance”.

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