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American football star faces 10 years in prison for armed robbery

American football star faces 10 years in prison for armed robbery

DeAndre Baker , an American football star playing for the New York Giants , faces up to 10 years in prison for his involvement in the armed robbery .

American football star faces 10 years in prison for armed robbery

Baker, 22, is charged with armed robbery at an illegal Florida casino in which Baker, along with Quinton Dunbar of the Seattle Seahawks , are accused of directing an unidentified man to mask his face to threaten gamblers with a gun in hand.

Information from the police said that Baker was complicit in stealing watches, designer goods and cash from gamblers.

After the robbery, both players left the scene but had to report to the police when information about the robbery was posted.

Baker’s attorney Bradford Cohen said DeAndre Baker has not yet been charged with armed robbery due to “insufficient evidence”. Bradford Cohen also said that the police were using the testimony of “slanderers”.

You sign the contract to receive 503 million USD. Even Ronaldo, Messi, Roger Federer or LeBron James have not dreamed. We’re talking football star Patrick Mahomes and the biggest signing in sports history.

Mahomes is having it all at the age of 24. The Kansas City Chiefs player in the American Professional Football League (NFL) has both won individual honors as Super Bowl Player of the Year (Super Bowl MVP) 2020 and 2018 Player of the Year (MVP). Mahomes plays in the most important position in rugby as the quarterback. And now, Mahomes owns the most expensive contract in history.

On July 6, Mahomes extended his 10-year contract with the Kansas City Chiefs for a total salary of $477 million. Along with a $26 million bonus depending on performance, the American player can receive a maximum of $503 million for a contract that lasts until the end of 2031. Thereby, Mahomes becomes the first athlete in sports history. The world owns a contract worth half a billion dollars. As for American sports, Mahomes broke the record of baseball player Mike Trout, who signed a 12-year contract worth $426.5 million with the Los Angeles Angels.

Speaking of football, also known as American football, it’s a world overwhelmed by money. Just 30 seconds of advertising in the middle of a Super Bowl game can cost $ 10 million. But it wasn’t until Mahomes signed a half-billion dollar contract that football could “raise” compared to baseball, where players were not limited in wages. It should be known that as of June 2020, the Top 10 largest sports contracts in the world include 9 baseball players (led by Mike Trout) and 1 boxer (Canelo Alvarez with a contract of 365 million VND). USD signed with DAZN). But then Mahomes exploded a $ 503 million cannon, an unprecedented milestone on the planet.

Even so, in the American sports industry, there has never been a rugby player topping the income chart. The top earning position often falls to the big names of tennis, boxing or golf. Even Mahomes has never been in the Top 10 of the world’s highest-paid sports stars. The current salary of the 24-year-old player is 25 million USD/year, which is not comparable to football superstars like Ronaldo ($35 million/year at Juventus) or Messi ($33 million/year at Barcelona). But with the new contract, Mahomes will double his salary and soon join the world’s highest-paid athletes.

In the realm of rugby, Mahomes’ $503 million contract is an unbelievable record. Because the old record of Aaron Rodgers was only $ 191.5 million (signed with Green Bay Packers in September 2018). However, Rodgers’ contract is only for 4 years, equivalent to an income of 47.7 million USD/year. Mahomes’ contract is up to 10 years, resulting in an annual income of approximately $50 million – not much more than that of Rodgers. The “unbelievable” in Mahomes’ contract of the century is the 10-year term for an exorbitant salary. Kansas City Chiefs advocates pushing the player born in 1995 into an icon within the next decade. What Mahomes showed in the Super Bowl in February confirmed the stature of the world’s number one star with prolific and brave play. Mahomes won the title ”

But precisely because of the term of up to 10 years, Mahomes’ $ 503 million contract is bound by many terms that ensure the interests of both sides. Among them is an “injury bail” clause that allows the Texas-born player to pocket at least $140 million in the event of a serious injury that requires retirement. In addition, Mahomes is also favored with a “no trade clause”, allowing him to decide whether to go or stay at any club that wants to sell Mahomes to another team. However, according to experts, the ability of Mahomes to pocket the full 503 million USD is very low because too many provisions require this player to maintain peak performance and performance until the age of 35, 36.

Patrick Mahomes just signed a new 10-year, $503 million contract with the Kansas City Chiefs. And the 24-year-old player will have to strictly comply with the terms of a contract worth more than half a billion dollars. Speaking to radio station 610 Sports, Mahomes said: “I won’t be able to play basketball. I’m sure baseball is not allowed. Not even jet-skiing. Pretty much any physical activity is okay. banned and I mostly just focus on American football or gaming.”

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