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9 party rules to help you leave a good impression

9 party rules to help you leave a good impression

Whether it’s an intimate meal, housewarming or birthday party, these few rules will help you leave a memorable impression when going to the party. Parties are a great opportunity to network and establish relationships. However, in any kind of event, be it formal or intimate, small mistakes like being late, choosing the wrong gift… can make you shy and leave a bad impression. The following 9 party rules can help you avoid making unnecessary mistakes.

9 party rules to help you leave a good impression

Try to answer as quickly as possible to let the invitee know if you can come to the party or not. This shows your thoughtfulness in not keeping the hostess waiting or preparing excess food.

Choosing the right outfit for the party scene shows the minimum courtesy and respect you have for the organizer.

If it is a formal party or you are not too close to the host, a black dress (Little Black Dress – LBD) or an elegant suit will always be a great choice.

According to David Tutera (celebrity wedding expert, host in Los Angeles), if the party takes place during the day, you should not wear too much makeup. However, if it’s a dinner party, you can wear more mystical jewelry, smoky gray makeup, and an updo bun.

If you are confused about how to “dress up” accordingly, you can directly ask the host of the party a few days before.

A difficult decision in choosing a gift for an occasion is its value. You should consider this based on your relationship with the host and your financial situation . For example, wedding gifts for close friends are always different from new colleagues, or wedding gifts in different geographical regions will be different.

No one is forcing you to spend huge sums of money if you don’t want to. A gift is only meaningful when it is accompanied by sincerity.

Another important note is that the gift you choose should not go against tradition. For example, money is a common wedding gift in Vietnam, unless you are very close to the bride and groom, another gift will cause an awkward situation.

Fresh flowers are a great gift. However, this is not the perfect choice for housewarming parties or other less formal occasions. Instead of sending fresh bouquets or baskets of flowers that will only make the host more busy arranging them, you can send flowers (via delivery service) after the party as a thank you.

You certainly don’t want to attract all eyes when you walk in while the host of the party begins his speech, right? So, if you’re going to a wedding party, make sure to be there at least 15 – 30 minutes before the party officially starts.

However, for a housewarming party or an intimate meal, if the host does not ask for your help, you may be 15 to 20 minutes late. This helps homeowners more comfortable in preparing for the party.

Besides arriving on time, you should also pay attention to your departure time. If the party invitation includes a start and end time, you shouldn’t linger beyond that time. Conversely, be sure to notice the number of people leaving your seat before you’re ready to leave.

You should consider carefully if you plan to bring another guest to a party that invites only you. In almost all gatherings, from weddings to new home celebrations to intimate dinners, if the invitation only includes your name, you should only attend.

In addition, if you are offered wine or beer, you can decline, but do not be too serious and blunt. This can create an awkward situation, ruining the fun atmosphere of the party.

No one goes to a party without having conversations, even just socializing. In order to have fun and comfortable conversations, you should avoid mentioning health, religious, political issues or accidentally “slandering” someone at the party.

The last important thing is to express your gratitude to the host for inviting you to their party. This simple act can leave a good impression on a homeowner. With thanks, you will surely always be loved.

Your behavior and manners at a party also reflect your personality. With these tips, ELLE hopes you will enjoy parties comfortably and “score” in the eyes of everyone.

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