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8 ways to coordinate with sexy but still elegant tube tops

8 ways to coordinate with sexy but still elegant tube tops

What to wear with tube tops? Before telling you how to mix and match with tube tops (strapless), Bazaar Vietnam invites you to learn about the history of this tube top

8 ways to coordinate with sexy but still elegant tube tops

It’s hard to believe that a tiny, seemingly trivial piece of stretch fabric can convey sentimental value and leave a significant impact on both popular culture and fashion. But the tube shirt (strapless shirt) did both. The tube top was discovered purely by accident.

First, let’s start with the tube top acronym: bandeau, a garment that dates back to ancient Greece. It is also known as apodesmos, stēthodesmē, mastodesmos and mastodeton. In Greek, they all mean “Breast Band”. At this stage, the chest band (corset) was handmade from wool or linen and used to wrap across the chest.

The bandeau also seems to have been worn during the Roman period several times. It is a goddess depicted in a bikini bandeau in the Paleolithic era (5,600 BC), female athletes illustrated in a similar style in the Greco-Roman world, and women A female figure depicted in a Diocletian mosaic (286–305 AD) at Villa Romana del Castale in Sicily participating in discus throws and weightlifting, in bandeau-style shirts.

It wasn’t until 1940 that the bandeau reappeared as the two-piece swimsuit top. These styles of swimwear (of varying lengths, handcrafted from different fabrics, with different colors and prints) became the forerunner of the tube top.

The bodice didn’t officially become a style until 1971. Unlike other accidental discoveries, the bodice was born out of a mistake. Rumor has it that a manufacturing defect in the cuffs created a pile of tube tops.

Then Murray Kleid, a garment businessman who owned a clothing store in New York, sold each piece for $2 each. Elie Tahari, a businessman from New York, bought them all and sold them for $4.

“Murray Kleid didn’t know it was fashion,” Tahari said, recalling the reaction of shirt buyers.

Knowing she had hit the jackpot, Tahari snuck into a trade show to display her tube tops, along with illustrations of how to wear them. Tahari was so successful that by the end of the day he had thousands of orders. In 1973, he started manufacturing tube tops, with orders from all over the world. A year later, Tahari began making dresses, halter tops and tube tops – all of which quickly became disco fashion.

In the early 1990s, tank tops (with two elastic bands at the top and bottom) and low-rise baggy pants became the It-girl combo, worn by musicians from TLC to Britney Spears leading the way. .

Victoria Beckham took a different approach. She made the black tube dress become the official uniform of Posh Spice during the 6 years the Spice Girls were active from 1994 to 2000.

And when Sarah Jessica Parker played Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City, costume designer Patricia Field designed her tube after top.

Just a small piece of cloth used to cover the chest with different lengths, but this style of shirt is popular with many stars. A tank top would be perfect for beach and holiday wear, but if you want to create a casual look with it, you can pair a strapless top with a vest or jacket. If you want a feminine and chic look, then choose a unique tube top with a bow or print. Harper’s Bazaar Vietnam will tell you how to coordinate with tube tops (strapless tops) right here.

The combination of jeans and tube tops is extremely simple. You can add a neck strap or a handbag as you like. This outfit is suitable for going out, walking around with friends. But you need to note that this style of shirt is only suitable for slim people with a neat upper body. If you have big shoulders and a belly, you should not wear a tank top.

Bringing a youthful, dynamic but still elegant look, this combination will help you show off your high neck, shoulders and slim arms. When wearing culottes, to make your figure more attractive and flexible, remember to wear high heels. With this outfit, you wear an array of bracelets and necklaces.

When you want to eat and drink with friends, you just need a scarf folded diagonally, tied to the chest, and you already have a lovely and unique tube shirt. However, to be on the safe side, remember to wear a strapless bra like Lisa Blackpink. A shirt with shorts, adding a pair of sports shoes is beautiful enough.

This is a popular style of going out with young girls. You just need to choose a shirt with a color that is not too contrasting with the pants to combine. Sports shoes are the “item” that best suits this style of pants.

When going out, you wear a blue tank top with a long black skirt or a white shirt with a drawstring skirt. Want to be more eye-catching? You mix hot pink tube top with a big bow, white maxi skirt and flat sandals.

When wearing a tube dress, you just need to pay attention to the appropriate jewelry coordination. If the dress already has too many textures, you do not need to add other accessories such as necklaces and earrings because it will cause confusion. At that time, you just need to choose shoes and small hands of the same color as the outfit. Check out the elegant combinations below.

Above are the ways to coordinate with tube tops (strapless shirt). This shirt style is extremely easy to match, as long as you have a slim figure and follow the color wheel rule. Wish you choose an elegant and sexy combination with a tube top.

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