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5 ways to preserve and clean leather goods that do not explode, mold, or peel

5 ways to preserve and clean leather goods that do not explode, mold, or peel

Here are some ways to preserve your leather goods to help them stay beautiful for a long time. Bazaar Vietnam gives you useful tips in leather care.

5 ways to preserve and clean leather goods that do not explode, mold, or peel

Leather goods such as clothes, bags, and leather shoes are luxurious and highly aesthetic accessories. However, improper storage of leather goods will cause the product to peel or mold.

Before learning the tips for keeping and preserving leather accessories always new, you need to understand the causes of moldy, peeling leather goods.

1. Improperly cleaning leather goods

One of the reasons why leather goods are peeling and moldy is due to improper cleaning after use. Many people clean leather goods with soaps, strong detergents, etc., causing skin damage.

2. Hot and humid weather

The next cause of skin peeling is due to hot and humid weather. Note: Leather materials such as imitation PU leather, industrial pressed leather (patent, bonded-leather) are more easily damaged than products made of high quality full grain leather (top grain, full grain leather).

3. Careless use

When using leather jackets, leather bags, leather belts, if they are scratched or cut by sharp objects, the skin will be torn and peeled.

Because of the above reasons, you find that the leather goods you use are not durable and quickly damaged.

Step 1: Clean leather

First you need to clean the leather using a polish to remove stains. Be careful not to use harsh detergents that will dull the skin and break the thread. The way to preserve leather goods not to explode is to use a soft cloth and specialized water for leather to clean.

Step 2: Soften leather

Next, you need to soften the skin with a conditioner that increases softness. Be careful not to use products containing mineral or petroleum oils or conditioners that leave a lot of residue.

Step 3: Polish the leather

Polish the leather with a good polish that does not contain harmful colorants. You should use a soft felt cloth to scrub and polish the skin gently.

To use leather bags for a long time, always beautiful, you need to know how to properly store leather goods. Here are a few helpful tips:

1. Pay attention to tools and leather cleaners

Unlike fabric items, not all cleaners work for leather. You note:

  • Take care of leather goods regularly by gently wiping with a soft, damp cloth and mild soapy water.
  • Do not wash leather bags with water or detergents that will cause the thread to loosen, explode, or peel.
  • Do not use strong cleaning products such as alcohol, vinegar to clean leather goods. Some products contain chemicals that can also cause dryness and discoloration, and should not be used.

2. Clean leather goods when dirty or periodically

To keep the leather bag fresh, you need:

  • The way to preserve leather goods from mold is to clean the leather bag after each use to avoid stains that cause mold and mildew.
  • Remove stains as soon as they appear, do not leave stains on leather bags for long. Removing stains as soon as possible will keep leather accessories in perfect condition.
  • For high-grade leather goods, it is recommended to take it to a laundromat for proper cleaning.

3. Pay attention to the location of leather goods

The location for bags, wallets, and leather clothes is very important. They can affect the quality of the product.

  • Absolutely do not leave leather goods in wet locations because it will cause it to peel. If unfortunately your leather accessories get wet, use a soft cloth to blot and let dry at room temperature. Do not use a dryer to dry leather accessories, as this will cause color fading.
  • Keep leather goods out of the sun, as direct sunlight will fade and damage the leather (leaving it dry, brittle, and cracking).
  • Do not store leather goods in tightly sealed boxes, plastic containers, plastic bags or use metal hooks as this can cause them to get wet and peel off.

4. Try to stay in shape

To keep leather handbags as beautiful as new, you need:

  • Use newspaper in the leather bag when not in use to keep the bag in shape.
  • Do not put a lot of things in the bag or put heavy objects because it will make the bag distorted and out of shape.

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